New Members Committee

The CLSA New Members Committee is a standing committee held by the current CLSA President and Past President. The committee members utilize their experience and involvement in the industry to connect with potential new members that would be good candidates to join the association, with the goal of keeping the Association strong and viable.

Survey Committee

The CLSA is committed to the collection and dissemination of a variety of market data. Through an independent collection agency, contributing members participate in a quarterly sales data report for the Canadian government, industrial, educational and medical market and a microscope data report on specific product areas. The Association also provides an annual salary survey which is the ONLY salary survey specific to the industry.

Exhibits and Promotions Committee

The CLSA organizes two annual trade shows held in the spring and fall each year. The shows are held in locations across Canada at major research institutes. Another show designated a “floating” show is held in a different city, in Canada, each year. These shows are only open to CLSA Members.

The CLSA provides brochures, press releases, articles for publication and a quarterly newsletter, which is sent to all members. The Newsletter contains feature articles on recent events, announcements and information on upcoming events and industry news. This is also a forum for our members to send in articles of interest and feedback on the CLSA.

Resources Committee

The CLSA provides a neutral forum in which members can meet to network and discuss issues of common concern. Education Sessions are held featuring interesting, informative and inspirational guest speakers. These sessions may be full day sessions which include lunch or they may be after hours sessions followed by a dinner.

Social Committee

The CLSA provides networking opportunities in social settings. Each year the CLSA hosts an annual golf tournament held at some of the most prestigious courses in Ontario. The CLSA also hosts the Annual General Meeting each year which features a high caliber guest speaker followed by the AGM dinner. From time to time, we also hold “fun events” such as Night at the Races, etc.!